Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Eva!!

We celebrated Eva's 3rd birthday on April 30th.  The birthday party was at the Children's Museum.  She had a great time and loved all of the attention. 

We started the morning by going into Eva's bedroom and singing Happy Birthday and Las Mananitas.  She is so adorable every year when we do this and this year was exceptionally entertaining:)

After singing Happy Birthday she demanded opeing her presents.  Here she is reading her birthday card and playing with her new doll house.

So excited about her new Angelina the Ballerina!

Getting ready for the party

Nana, Eva, and Mama

Memo and the kiddos

 Eva singing Happy Birthday to herself:)

 Getting ready to blow out her candles

 Kaitlyn assisting with presents

 Trying out the new wings.

 Playing in the sandbox with Jackie.

 Getting ready to leave the party

Birthday time

We celebrated all three of our birthdays with my family on Easter.  Easter fell on the date of Papa's real birthday this year so we had all kinds of things to celebrate.

Much to my dismay, everywhere I turn there is princess gadgets.  I have had to give in somewhat, but I am not giving up the fight.  I despise "those girls"...especially the Disney ones:)  So here is Eva with her Rosetta dress from Tinkerbell.  And yes, Aunt Julie is the culprit.

Then we have Eva posing with Roseta we call her Rosita for her Spanish name

And the three of us celebrating together...oh wait there are four of us with Rosita:)

All kinds of fun!

Once again I am behind on our blog and will give a brief summary of the lastest happenings.  We had a carnival at my school and while I was working Memo took Eva around to the different game rooms.  She won a plate of cupcakes in the cake walk and was apparently so excited!

Papa and Eva

 Getting her face painted

Dying Easter eggs

Easter Sunday

 Finding Easter eggs

Helping Uncle Craig peel our eggs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Auntie Julie's Birthday

Happy Birthday Auntie Julie!  
How many pictures does it take to get a descent one?
Being silly
The three of us
With Uncle Matt
Helping Julie with her Birthday candles

This and that

Rocking her baby.
Feeding her baby.

Tomato anyone?

Sled ride.

Discovering icicles.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday fun

Eva was an absolute blast for Christmas this year.  Unlike most toddlers, she loved Santa and constantly wanted him to hold her. We haven't really pushed the whole Santa idea, but she was very quick to jump on it.  I can hardly wait to see how excited she gets next year.

Completely giddy about Santa holding her.
Eva's Christmas Eve fun

I think we may have a ballerina in the future
The family on Christmas Eve
All of our friends and our traditional gathering
And of course "Santa Baby" as Eva has named her.

Unfortunatly after all of our Christmas fun Eva caught a terrible virus, which led to a bilateral ear infection and symptoms of pnuemonia.  Thank goodness we have passed that illness.  We had an awesome New Year's Eva at the emergency room!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let it snow!!!

My posts are officially out of order.  I am really annoyed with blogger right now and am just happy to get pictures up.  Hopefully they will change the layout for uploading pictures soon and I will have better luck with my pictures on our blog.

Now that I got that off my chest I can share that it snowed!!!  And Eva couldn't have been more excited.  It all began when we went on a snow search because it had snowed in areas around us, but not at our house.  We ended up driving east to Concrete and found the snow. While we were driving we told Eva that we were going to find snow to play in.  Eva must have asked us about 20 times in route when we were going to play in the snow.  She finally gave in and fell asleep.  This is very rare!


Finally playing in the snow

Our snow bunny

Papa and Eva

 Eva, Mama, and Papa
 Eva and her Mini Frosty

Starting to get a little pink from the cold

and we bribed her with "cafe" (hot chocolate) to get her back in the car